Not this kind of funk ???, rather the kind of funk that makes you want to go to ?, stay in the ? for three hours and refill it three times, or escape to an ?… or maybe you want to climb a ⛰ and ? into the distance… of are you a pillow screamer, maybe?

Here is a little more info about what being in “a funk” looks like, and you will see why clear verbalisation during Clarity Calls is already a massive step forward. (Plus it’s free, weyhey!)

This might easily be you -let’s face it, we all have that shadow-self nudging us for attention- or it reminds you of someone you know, so keep your someone in mind and show them this:

There are different ways to be stuck or in a funk. These are some of the topics and associated feels which have come up in my recent Clarity Calls:

  • You have an unfulfilling job that sucks your soul dry and yet getting a CV out seems insurmountable. You then either bury your head in the sand or “should” all over yourself. It’s hard to be chirpy, efficient and get good sleep in those circumstances.


  • You don’t even know what’s going on out there, let alone within, and you’re on the conveyor belt of life, trying to make sense of it all and wondering if you care too much or too little. “Have a 90 game plan”, they say. Errr, hang on. You don’t even know what’s next…


  • You often catch yourself thinking there’s no greener grass out there, no way out, not even a side door to get through to where you want to get. It doesn’t matter if it’s relationships, work or self-care, you feel like staying static in quick sand is better than trying to get out because you’ve mastered the technique by now. You’re fawning.


  • Your strengths and skills are underrepresented in what you spend most of your waking time on, so it feels like you’re always going against the grain, when every magazine and guru out there is telling you to gooooo with the flooooooow. But there’s no flipping flow that you can see or feel, thank you very much, you function in obligation mode and it’s exhausting.


  • You have a stress point that doesn’t seem to go away, regardless of all the self-help (shelf-help) or advice you’ve been trying to follow, only reaping a copious amount of guilt and perhaps shame, with a dose of “I am not enough”. And then they tell you to express gratitude? Wait. What? Easy, Tiger! No bandwidth for that here… and then nothing changes…


  • You are a slave to behavioural triggers that don’t serve, and yet you don’t seem to be able to shake them. Again, hello guilt/shame/I really, really, REALLY suck self-talk which really don’t help. How do you get out of the matrix?


  • You are going through repeating cycles/patterns in all areas of life, such as an inability to hold on to money, tense relationships with people you “should” or want to feel close to, and this puts you in a place where you just wish you could be saved. If only someone could make it all go away.


  • You have most of the “I’m doing life as I should” boxes ticked, and yet you can’t help but feel like your middle name is “Meh” and the idea of experiencing joy feels so far fetched that you think it’s for others and not you, but shhhhhh you can’t really tell anyone because there are worse cases out there.


  • There is a part of you no one knows and it’s eating at you that you can’t seem to show up as your authentic self. Whether it’s always been there or you’ve done a 180 degrees, it needs to come out, but where do you start?


  • You have a feeling that some of what you are carrying isn’t yours, because you’ve tried everything you knew, but you’re missing some pieces. There’s more and you don’t have a clue where to look.

I could keep going for a good while, but I think you get my point.

There are plenty of ways to look at a funk and push it and pull it in different directions so you can move towards what you want, rather than staying stuck.

This is what I do.


During a Clarity Call, we remove some of the stuff that is suction cupped to your face just by hashing things out so you can finally have avenues to go down and get unstuck.
I am not talking healing at this point, I am talking churning possible reasons why, removing the mud from your eyes and the stringy algae from your throat, as you emerge from the murky waters of “What The Heck Lake” and finally express what’s been going on.
With that information brought to the surface, you can make a plan and pick actions to implement tweaks so changes you want can finally happen.
Information is power. A lot of the time the spark comes from simply expressing what’s been inside and trying to get out, only it’s been showing up in your life, in a less than pleasant way.

How does gaining some clarity sound?

Now is always better than never, I say.

Note: I offer these free Clarity Calls a few times a year a for a limited number of people, so you will see the button below appear or simply not show up, depending on availability. It’s part of my pro bono work quota, so I am sure you will understand I can’t just open dozens of half hours every week.
If you don’t see the Clarity Call button below, but you want to work with me and/or aren’t sure which modality is the right one, then book a 10 minute Discovery Call and we will work the best fit for you. Everything starts with your needs.


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