… so more good stuff comes your way.

“Am I making this up? Did I just make it up? Yeah? Nah. This sounds like Inception. I must have seen something about this in a movie. There is no way this came up from inside AND that it would be meaningful at the same time.”

Does this sound a little like your internal monologue? Do you wonder if you have the gift of intuition?

Aaaah Intuition. The big I. Everyone goes on about Intuition. It’s a big deal, and it’s one of those things you might feel you don’t have when everyone else seems to have it.

Here is the deal: we all have intuition.

The problem is, all our lives, we are told to wait for a boss, a parent, a religious leader, a coach, a politician to show us what our next right step is. Everyone has expectations for you. I know it sounds cliché, but deep down you already know what is calling to you, what rocks your boat, what brings you joy. But because you have mistrust in your ability to hear, think and feel for yourself, that turns into fears and paralysis and change of course, and then you stop taking right actions for yourself because you follow the path you are on, and you stay stuck.

I will give you an example: I like to eat the same Indian dish when I go out. If I order something different, I am always disappointed. And yet, very regularly, I order something else, because I should on myself, because I have been made to think that I should order something different, because it’s a bit weird to always order the same thing, and then invariably I am disappointed, and if it happens to show on my face, I get the “Well why did you order something different if you knew you weren’t going to like it?”. And breaaaaathe. If I had ordered the same, guess what I would have heard? “Oh you’re ordering the same dish again. There is plenty to choose from.”. And so because I KNEW that I was going to get a comment, I made the decision that was going against what was likely to make me happy, only to end up with the double whammy of not liking the dish AND getting the other side of the coin comment.

If you know deep inside what is good for you, do that. As long as no one gets hurt, just that. That’s part of intuition. It’s part of knowing what is good for you and what should get off your radar. Yes, intuition is involved in chosing a dish in a restaurant. Don’t chose my dish for me. You’re stepping on my flow.

We “make mistakes” or not take our next best action mostly because we are not listening or our intuition not dialed all the way up. We all get like that, and we are all working at following our intuition better, every day. There is absolutely no reason to give in to the Comparison Monster, because not having our intuition dialed all the way up, or ignoring the signs happens to all of us. Yes, all of us. That includes the people who have done some of “the work”.

How can it happen to all of us when some people seem to be so much more woke and aware and in tune and in their utter “isness”?

Well for starters, you see what you’re shown. We live in this edited world where everyone has something to say, and I am acutely aware that this, in fact, includes me.

What we are not told, is that when you do “normal” life, it is literally suction cupped to your face. How can you see, hear, feel anything intuitive coming, when you have the Plunger Of Life stuck on your face 24/7, sucking the very life out of you and your dreams?

We all navigate through life with our noses in the bike handle bars. And if you’ve ever assumed that very position on a bike, hunched down, looking straight ahead, pedaling like a nutcase, you KNOW you have no room to maneuver or to make on the spot decisions. You can’t possibly be in flow when you are pelting it down the road. You just go straight down your lane and you know that if you turn your head to the side, you’re either going straight for something hard and vertical, or you’re going to get the dreaded wobbly wheel action and fall flat on your face, leaving some skin on the pavement. Sometimes it is hard to follow your intuition. And we can blind to that fact for years before we realize.

With work, friends, family life, bills, health, the lot, there is no way we can let anything intuitive get through when we are on the hamster wheel because we never stop.

So I say. Just. Stop. Running. Now. Stop. Pedaling. Now. Give yourself space and time to take stock. If we spent as much time stopping and noticing gut feelings and ideas, as we do beating ourselves up that our intuition isn’t sharp enough, we’d already be making strides. This is valid for all of us, I repeat. We all get caught out.

So instead of looking for the next opportunity to exercise your intuition, take stock.

Look back at times when you did happen to more or less accidentally listen to and follow your intuition and took the next right inspired action. What was going on there? Is there a particular topic, or pattern, or a place, or anything that repeats in those different times you managed to listen to your intuition and hopefully managed to follow through? Go back and check. Make notes.

Similarly, look at the times when Hindsight, the be H, showed you you should have followed your intuiton in the first place. Really take stock, but please don’t judge. It’s a bit of a never ending story. Because we have both Free Will and the Plunger of Life to deal with, we don’t always get it 100% right. But boy does it feel good when we do get it right!

So look back at both types of situations, and extract teachings out of those times.

Maybe journal about it. Maybe simply start making a note when you get an intuitive nudge, a weird feeling, a frankly out of nowhere idea. Stick it in your diary, in your phone, in your calendar. Make a note. And with that, please include gnawing feelings and whacky idea associations.

I can assure you that if you start taking a bit of time out of your day to notice and note down, you will see some clues. And whether you fell flat on your face, or you managed to make a right decision, you will have conformation that you well and truly have, the universal gift of intuition.

Hello feel good factor!

Now, how can we milk it? Because that’s what we want, isn’t it? We want that flooow. Once you have noticed patterns, make the conscious choice, set the intention, to be open to more of those intuitive episodes.

I think that at this particular stage, it is important to stay centered on yourself for now. Don’t start going to gurus and coaches who spend their lives working out or enhancing painpoints in your life, so that they can use THEIR intuition to give you answers. If you go down that road, you will only end up thinking that you don’t have the intuition it takes and that again, confirmation needs to come from someone else. Keep your power. You need to train yourself in the use of your own Intuition.

I mean it. Don’t look around for people to help you fix things unless you have been around and over and under and through a problem or a pattern several times and sat and waited for your intuition to kick in in the form of  a “message”, “idea”, “hunch”, “nudge”, whatever you want to call them. Because as you develop your trust in your own intuition, you will see more of the times it has been poking you and guiding in the right direction so you could take action.

So eliminate the noise altogether. Stay centered. Notice, note, and make a point in being open.

Now there is a caveat here. Sometimes you get nudged into contacting someone who can offer advice, or a service, or something that will take you to the next level. When you get to that point, sit and observe before taking action. Are you functioning out of fear or is that person the right tool to get to where you want to be? If they are, then go for it. If you are waiting to be saved, then I am afraid you probably need to simmer a little while longer until your next right action does come up. Sometimes we have to sit in the pain and work through it. It’s more of a face it till you make it kind of thing. And at that exact right time, you will know that you are indeed, in flow. Things will glide, stuff will come your way, as if my magic.

So we looked back, now let’s think about what’s next. The next nudge or sign in the direction of the next right action. So, when I say stop and set aside some time. I don’t mean sit, ask, and expect an answer right away. Just be open to receiving. And that’s the hard bit, because we are always trying to control things, aren’t we?

If you are constantly broadcasting your questions and your needs, and your wants, you’re not leaving any energetic space for stuff to come your way. There is absolutely nothing to gain from asking “are we there yet?” 30 times over. The road will take you where you need to go, and there will be whatever pit stops are necessary on your journey. Some of them are going to take forever, some of them are going to suck big time, but trust that you will always get to where you need to get in the end. It’s up to you to work out the best actions to take for your highest good, so you get there having learnt the lessons with the least resistance.

Do not kill intention with expectation. I repeat. Do not kill intention with expectation.

If ignoring your intuition, resisting and pining is what you are doing, you can stop, get into a meditative and receptive state, then broadcast your readiness for whatever needs to come to you, and move on. No expectations. Just be in the now. We have looked back, and now we are in the now. (Oh if you haven’t Read Eckart Tolle’s The Power of Now, read it).

Make sure you stay in the now as much as possible. Be open to noticing. After a while you will stop second guessing everything. Well of course there is a feather on the ground, pigeons hang out here. Ok, they do, but do you usually NOTICE the feathers?

Of course the clock is going to show 11:11 every day, but do you usually NOTICE?

What was going on when you happened to NOTICE something? What were you thinking? What words were you using? What feelings and physical sensations showed up?

This is the stuff I am talking about when I say notice. It’s the timing and the circumstances, and the symbols of this or that occurrence. What does 3 mean to you? What does a snake mean to you? What does blue mean to you?

Start doing the work on what happened, and then do the work on the now, and see how your intuition will give it all back to you in kind. The word intuition means “to look at, to consider, immediate cognition”. You have the gift of immediate cognition, so try to get out of your own way, clean up those fears, and marvel at what you can do.

Ok, so, if the idea of going solo is giving you the wobblies, you can use a few tools. Let’s call them tools. If you are into spirit guides, Higher Self, angels, angel numbers, spirit animals, and so on, they are really part of your team, so it is perfectly fine to proclaim that you are open to signs and nudges from your team too. That’s not cheating. If this sounds too woowoo for you, just put what I just mentioned in a “Not for now, thanks” box. But you will get back to this eventually.

A lot of us like to use decks of cards. There are inspirational cards and oracle cards and then there is Tarot. I am not versed in the original old style Tarot, but I can safely say that I have more oracle card decks than fingers and toes put together. 

The overarching idea behind the use of cards, is that everything is energy, and if you take time to connect within and contemplate an issue, a question, a problem, then you will get answers from cards because something somewhere will have connected the energies of the card and what you were enquiring about. I have had conversations with friends and then done cards, and the exact words I had just uttered, came out in the reading. It can be quite spooky, but all that is is CONFIRMATION! And we LOOOOVE Confirmation because it means we were in alignment, and alignement is proof that you are navigating on the river of intuition.. I love Colette Baron Reid’s cards (The Wisdom of the Oracle , The Spirit Animal Oracle, Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards and The Good Tarot are my four favourites at the moment). Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back is permanently on my desk and Rebecca Campbell’s dreamy The Startseed Oracle is my latest of so sweet purchase.

Use oracle cards and learn to trust what comes up IS relevant and DOES resonate. Get out of your way because if you don’t shut the chatter, your cards will align to the chatter and mess with you. They will. If your wires are crossed, the answers will be all over the place and then you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Some people use runes and pendulums. You can find some here. I am not at runes yet, but I know I will get on to that when the time is right. In the meantime, I am not missing out on anything. See how that goes? It’s coming. I just don’t need to know how or when. It will just be perfect when it does. Why worry? I find that worry sits in the middle of Resistance and Procrastination.

I will give you an example of what it is like when you stop pining, and suddenly see things panning out great. This dates back when I wanted to launch a project online. I had a million ideas, and just could not get on with is because I knew nothing about the technical side of things.

A friend of mine started helping me and we made great progress in a short amount of time. He purchased a piece of software he had identified I needed in order to get my project underway. I loved having his support and sat in full on co dependency, waiting to be saved. It turned out that he had other things to do after a couple of weeks, and so I stayed in limbo for three months, beating myself up for the fact that my friend was paying for the software and I wasn’t using it. I worried, and I procrastinated, because I didn’t have the technical skills to carry out my project, I didn’t even start. I was paralyzed.

Then one day out of nowhere, because I had been in that state for a while, I got sick of getting in my own way and decided that even if I made very slow progress, it would feel better than I had been feeling for months. I tried to use the software, but it was locked. I realized he had not been paying for several months, because he had the brains to sign up for only one month. Had I decided to check, I would have saved myself a copious amount of guilt, worry and shame.

I was on a roll that day, and I decided to bite the bullet and pay for the upgrade myself so I could start work because I could see that if I stayed in “save me save me” mode, nothing was moving. My card number wouldn’t go in. I must have tried 7 or 8 times, and I remember saying to the stupid form, I have the money, I will pay the 99 dollars a month even though it worries me, I am doing this because I want my project to start. I was basically talking myself and the form into making the transaction happen. Eventually it when in. Then I got to the cart and they asked the usual “do you have a coupon?”. FOR SOME REASON I decided to check online. For SOME REASON I clicked a random link. I landed on a website that was offering me to pay 99 dollars for a lifetime access of the exact product I needed. I looked for a rat. I took a good half hour to check the site, because I was now going to give 99 dollars to a third party, and was I about to get ripped off? That’s when I sat back and decided to notice. I looked at the timeline, and the pit stops and the lessons I had needed to learn.

I had needed to ask for help. It came.

I had needed patience. For sure there was a delay and gradually I had to accept that I was a bit of a slow coach on mt project.

I had needed to step out of codependency and the need to be saved. That’s when I decided to take action.

I had needed to see that I had worried about money for nothing. That’s when I realized he had only paid for one month and not four.

I had needed to step out of fear of technical inadequacy and wasting money. That’s when I managed to get my card number in the form.

I had needed to trust that my project had value and was in alignment with what I was supposed to do. And that’s when I was gifted with a lifetime membership for the price of a single month I was finally ready to spend.

Trust your intuition. The more you do, the more good stuff comes your way. Recognize when something happens that is in alignment with your purpose, and unpack it and see why it happened. Celebrate it, show gratitude, and make room for more.

This article will soon be available as an Audio, both for ease of use, and also for the benefit of our friends who need articles read, but in the author’s voice (i.e. Moi), rather than a synthetic voice.


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