Excuse me for poking at a bruise, but what’s the point in working your bum off at dōTERRA (or any self-employment and/or Network Marketing venture, for that matter), if deep inside, you don’t think you deserve success?

Yeah. Ouch. I know. I am all for compassion, all the time. I also seem to have the Four Agreements tattooed across every single one on my cells (Get the book – this is a USA affiliate link), but sometimes we need to have our strategies assessed. Today, you needed to read this. It might be for you, it might be for someone you know so you can pass the love, muah.

I LOVE the freedom Network Marketing and self-employment bring, because the promises of financial freedom and time freedom are true, because if you pair up with the right product and the right company, all those things are possible for you. Last week I had my entire schedule moved out of whack for daily hospital appointments for one of my girls. Had I been employed by someone else, it would have been a nightmare! Sure, I don’t have the fancy car and the latest TV yet, but these are things I don’t care about, so I wouldn’t even count them as essential. I was there for my daughter any time she needed me, that’s invaluable, and that’s possible thanks to my ability to remain self-employed.

Chances are, you want some of that freedom by working for yourself. 

There is a lot of “You can do it”, “Anyone can do it”, “Just follow the method”, and so on in Network Marketing, and YES, it IS true. It’s not brain food for the weak, it’s not a scheme, it’s not a sect thing, it IS true. It’s just a way to get products on the market, it’s just a way to build a support network, that’s that. Yes, anyone can make it in Network Marketing.

Look, we all give referrals for our gyne, for that shop that stocks this and that, and each time, it’s Network Marketing. It just has no strategy to it, and there is just no pressure to perform attached. But it’s essentially the same: you are responding to the other person’s need. 

And it’s not because you haven’t made rank yet, that you don’t want it hard enough. That’s an ill-informed, often inadvertently overly enthusiastic and judgemental way of (de)motivating you.

If you need your beliefs to change and all the mindset work hasn’t worked yet… congratulations. It’s expected… You’re going through the expected motions.

Indeed, what you harbour inside has nuuuthin’ to do with mindset. Nothing AT ALL. It’s all about your beliefs and your heart. Your brain is fine, you don’t need it examined, your willpower is just perfect as it is, and it’s not that you don’t want your rank or your lifestyle enough.

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It’s not about mindset.

Leave that one for the self-help books and the flashy guru shows with the high-paying tickets at the front of the auditorium, with their very own table cloth and branded mug. Leave that one for the multitude of trainings you’ve probably put yourself through.

It’s not your mindset.Please, I implore you. It’s not because there are countless books about mindset and that it’s fashionable and everywhere, that it’s the answer for you. Let it go (and I should know about letting go, my name is Elsa, 😉 )

It’s about recalibrating that inner game of yours. Taking your beliefs, looking at them and giving them new meaning. It’s not about forcing the locks of your mind by telling you you’re doing it wrong. It’s about easing things and showing you a new way. How many nonths and months of work on your self-worth, with hit and miss results have you put yourself through? (Or should I say have you been lovingly dragged through?).
What I want to see more of in my team and everyone else’s is the active building iron-clad belief in your right to success, in your ability to succeed, in your commitment to succeed, for YOUR reasons. Sometimes in my team we do that through cancelled team meetings. Yup. You read that right. Cancelled team meetings. It’s the equivalent of a Duvet Day, when you can just call in (or in our case Whatsapp or WeChat) your tribe and say with total freedom, that you’re not feeling it.

That doesn’t mean my team don’t WANT success. It means that they recognise that at this particular time of day in their week, a team meeting will not be optimal and will not serve their longer purpose of making rank AND enjoying their business. It’s the same as asking a child you have a great relationship with if they are really on the brink of death, or if they can actually go to school despite not really feeling it. There is a point where as an adult, you can see if you are wallowing or if you need to step out of your own way.

Sure you may let some laziness set in, but soon enough you’ll be kicked in the face by the fact that if you do nothing, your business will give you nothing in return, so if you are a self-motivated adult who wants to work for themselves and serve their community, you’ll know when to stop wallowing. You’ll know when to cut it out with the excuses, and you will getto work. That’s the way I roll, that’s the way my team rolls. Some effort. Lots of compassion. And then when we kick ass, we kick ass, and it’s fun and rewarding.

What's the point (image)

It’s time you harnessed the power of your subconscious mind and made those beliefs ring true. dōHYPNO is a hyper personalised hypnosis MP3 I record for you, with your needs and blocks in mind, and you will listen to daily for at least 21 days.

It’s not about the mindset, it’s getting that heartset right. The mindset will come later, once you’re absolutely, unequivocally convinced that you are indeed, a phenomenal Wellness Advocate, and that’s done through Hypnosis. You’ll just sponge it up. It’s the nature of the Mind, and it will ellicit the right emotions to carry you forward. 

You are going to ask me what the investment is. And that is perfectly valid. It’s roughly one month of a skinny Elite commission. That’s all. It’s yours forever, you can have me in your ears every night just to fall asleep if you like too!  

Read more about doHYPNO here

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So, are we going to force things to show we want them, or are we going to work with what we have?

What you may have are erroneous beliefs about your worth and your ability or even right to succeed, and this stuff can only be touched when you change the energy, the power it has over you, and that needs to be done in a like for like manner. That’s why I work with Hypnosis and created dōHYPNO, because you don’t need to be guilted into action, you need to believe that you are a phenomenal Wellness Advocate, despite what you see coming in every month. And despite your rank. You can’t wait to have ranked up to feel that you are pehnomenal! That’s like climbing a snowy mountain on skis! It’s the inner work that’s going to change the nature of your game.

Click or tap this button here and order your pesonalized doHYPNO MP3, and become the rockstar you are meant to be!

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