Hi! Welcome to the longest intro on the planet!

-I don’t see why I should adhere to bland and manipulative marketing rules-  You will know why if you stick around here, and you can move over to the menu if you can’t be bothered to read this bit, I don’t mind at all: I am a great fan of Free Will!

I’m Elsa. I am passionate about helping people with their physical body, their emotional mind and their spiritual beingness.I use different tools to help people improve their wellbeing on many different levels, as I find the holistic way yields better transformations, is less dogmatic, and certainly more gentle. I have formal training in Teaching children, Training adults, Hypnosis with the Rapid Transformational Therapy method, Mindscaping, Reiki, Aromatherapy, including PsychoAromatherapy (doesn’t sound fancy?) and Shamanism. I am also versed in Crystals, although I have yet to finish my Crystal Healer certification. I also have yet to finish my Applied Kinesiology Certification. I hope to never stop learning in this thing called Life. I am a serial learner. For someone who didn’t like school and ended up being a jolly good teacher, I guess you can say I learn, master the subject, improve on it, and then share the love with others.

We can have a private Zoom session together, or you can come see me at my practice in a cute part of Normandy, France, near the reputable spa town or Bagnoles de l’Orne if you want the full-on live experience.

I am not a medical doctor. Is this where I need to put an official disclaimer? OK then: I do not prevent, treat or cure in the medical practitioner sense. I provide the tools for you to heal, whether they be Aromatherapy, Hypnosis, Emotional Mind Reset, Shamanism etc. This is how I can suggest different avenues for you to progress on your healing journey. I guess I should also say this is for entertainment and education. I think we are covered now.

This is me right here:

Elsa At Terra Luna Inti (image)

Say Cheese!

For those aware of the Clifton Strengths test, my top five are Empathy, Learner, Connectedness, Activator, Harmony. If the Enneagram system is more your thing, I am a Helper 2. If you are a Wealth Dynamics bod, then I am a Deal Maker, that’s the perfect sweet spot between Supporter and Trader, with an exact 36% Earth – 36% Fire elements spread, and a decent 20% Wood. It is no wonder I am always on two things at the same time, because I am a Sagittarius Sun, Cancer Rising and Taurus Moon… If Human Design is more your thing, then I am a 1/3 Manifestor, my heart center does the guiding. Pheww, that was long.

What does it mean in a short sentence?  I am here to express, teach and guide others through the pink and fluffy, the shadow stuff, the ugly crying and the Aha moments. I help you get shifts done, whatever the means. That was two sentences… Oh well…

I am not a Unicorn. I have a very practical mind on: I need certain things to be very organized, otherwise I trip over myself. For other things I choose to go with the flow, because why sit in anxiety and over-plan? I swear way too much for my own good in several languages, am rather loud, and am a firm believer that laughter and taking things with humorous wit, will lift anyone’s spirit.

So how did I end up being a Healer in the broader sense?

This whole process has been a very slow one and I feel it is important for me to share it with you because you might have walked a similar path, wondering what it was all about. It is important that you should know that you are not alone.

Not everyone is a psychic, not everyone is a medium, not everyone has been channeling messages from a young age. Not everyone checks for messages inside teacups or wears witchy goth clothing. I am none of those things and yet when I know that someone needs a specific essential oil, outside of the usual consultation “template” of perceived presenting symptoms and corresponding oils, I know that I know. Clear knowing is a fun thing to have, it’s just hard to explain to perfect strangers. Which is why I am not to be a stranger to you. It’s all about connection and authenticity.

If you are anything like me, you can be the corporate type, the “I’ve never felt the same as others” type, the “I don’t quite feel at home” type, the “I really want to do X, but I can’t bear to have my creativity interrupted by making dinner” type, the “there’s more to all this Life thing” type. There is no single type of spirituality or Healer. There is your own secret sauce, and what you bring will resonate with someone if they are ready for it. They will do the same for you if you are ready for what they have to bring.

To the people who were “further” along than me on the Healing path, I shall here say “Thank you” for being a marker, a beacon, a pivot point, a teacher along the path I didn’t know I was on. If I did that thing with my eyebrows and broke into sarcasm at you, it’s because I wasn’t ready for your message yet. But of course, you know that, and you did play a role. So thank you. And I am still learning every day. As are you, I am sure.

To the people who had no idea I was more than « just » an Aromatherapist and a Hypnotist, and for whom my coming out of the Healing closet feels worrying: I haven’t joined a sect or a religion, you can keep your hair on. I am just letting out the Healer in me, because that’s my contribution to the world. You have known I was in natural things for a long time… You have known I didn’t fit in boxes, it’s ok.

To the people who were on their possibly secret spiritual path: the woowoo in me sees the woowoo in you. And that makes us rather wow-wow.

Everything affects everything else. Everyone affects everyone else. We live in a giant butterfly effect, except it’s not just wind and storms. It’s a collective consciousness thing. Energy flows everywhere and we should work with it for the Higher Good.

To me, being spiritual means that you recognize the power, the essence, the energy, the spiritual beingness of everything. You recognize that if it’s the third time you’ve thought about someone in a week, it’s an actual connection to their energy and you should call them. You understand that painting a child’s bedroom in red can hold the energy of anger. You accept that the house you didn’t get was just not the right one, there is a better one waiting. You know that using rose essential oil will do more than just give off a nice smell or promote beautiful skin: it also opens your heart. Seeing the energy in everything means it’s normal for you to leave crystals to charge in the Moonlight. It is looking beyond the material, beyond perceived coincidences, beyond the habits and “wisdoms” passed along to you “just because that’s what I was taught”.

Recognizing your spiritual beingness is simply allowing yourself to say yes to the concept that everything counts and serves a purpose. That everything is connected. And it is a rich and liberating state of being, thinking and feeling. It presupposes that no one holds the Truth, that no one knows everything there is to know about a topic, and that it’s not because there hasn’t been a peer reviewed paper about it that it’s not there… (Let’s send a wink and a wave to our favorite “Where’s the scientific peer reviewed paper?” people. Yawn.). Science will never catch up. We might as well leave that one to rest now.

Practically, what does spiritual beingness mean in everyday life?
Well, I see this Everything, as an infinite resource I can use as support, for whatever need I may have, for my Highest Good, and for the Highest Good of all. We are all in this together, and for the Highest Good of all too! So really, it’s a set of tools for everyday support.

We can tap into anything and “hire” it for a specific purpose. Whatever tools you go for will make up your very own spiritual First Aid kit for all that you are and what you need, as and when.I find having my toolkit very reassuring. I find it empowering and I don’t need some higher perceived authority to be an intermediary for connection to what surrounds me.

I am free to recognize the existence of Christ Consciousness without being religious. It’s not that hard to recognize that some people are blessed with the gift of abnegation and grace, and yet we don’t have to believe in the same exact things. We can just recognize the consciousness they operate from and honor it.

It also doesn’t mean I make voodoo medicine bags or anything that infringes on Free Will. You will never hear me say « I will pray that you -fill in the blank- » because how would I know what is in your Highest Good? Maybe you do need a hurdle so you can find your strength, or for a new door to open. I don’t prance around in a flowy dress with flowers in my hair or invoke fairies in a sing-a-song voice, but if you do, I think it is great. I don’t hold one practice as the only Truth. I have my pick and mix, my bag of tricks, my first aid for balance that is just mine, and I share it with who comes on my radar, according to my intuition. From there, people make their own pick and mix, their own spiritual toolkit, and they are free to experiment and explore more. My Aromatherapy consultations are usually much more open heart conversations where we explore what brought us to that point and what we can do about it. It is like the purest form of plant magic for me. My consultations are also very practical, if you contact me about a wisdom tooth that has been bothering you, I will suggest Clove oil. If it’s for a baby, it will be rolling a blend of Lavender and carrier oil on the cheek and under the toes. If you have a bad back and I know you have crystals, I will suggest placing a Selenite on your back.

If I think you need Hypnosis using Regression Therapy, I will tell you what I feel. If it is Mindscaping, because you need a different approach, I will tell you. Connection means discussion too.

Being spiritual really isn’t weird, it’s just a bit like having a Mary Poppins bag of tricks.

So what does it look like for me? It changes often, it’s never perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist, and we really don’t want to fall into prescriptions and guilt inducing dogma, do we?

I go with the flow but generally it looks like this: I walk around with crystals in my bra or my pockets. They are all over my home. I use specific essential oils for specific emotional and therapeutic purposes. I wear red when I need to be feisty and light blue when I have a sore throat. I’ll check the position of my bed according to my Feng Shui directions if I go somewhere, and try to optimize it. I prefer playing with Egyptian chakras but use Indian ones when I can’t think straight because I am still getting to grips with the Egyptian ones. I forget I can apply Reiki to myself. I still eat meat while holding the belief that i will end up at least a vegetarian. I use oracle cards. I look at the Moon and say hi. I talk to my trees. I don’t do any of that on some days. Some days all I want to do is lie down and listen to signing bowls on YouTube or listen to a recording on Tom Kenyon’s website. Sometimes I will trace a meridian according to Donna Eden’s energy medicine. Sometimes I need a bit of wisdom from Matt Khan or Eckhart Tolle. Or I’ll ground and ask a question while pulling an oracle card. It REALLY is whatever I feel called to, and it participates to balance, connection and healing. When have a crisis of some sort, I have my tangible support network anchored both in real life and the spiritual realm. When a friend calls with an issue, you can bet I will pick up on something they can do even if it is something I haven’t done for myself in ages. I just know what they need. It is easier for me to tune in to others than myself. Progress, not perfection.

Everything is energy. Everything has a spiritual dimension, and it makes life easier to recognize, accept and use it. It is about learning to tap into the wisdom of what is around you. And we all need guidance and an external eye. Connection with other people.

You know the Force, right? Well, what if we all went through life thinking “I am one with the Force, the Force is with me”? Because that’s kind of it, really…
What would it take, what would I need to help with x or y situation?

I had no idea I would end up being a Healer, but it all makes sense and it feels right. It’s a little like those pieces or kinetic or anamorphic art in fancy modern art galleries: what you see is all jumbled up but suddenly makes sense under the right angle. And it’s beautiful and mind blowing.

Some days I can’t be bothered. I get angry like everyone else. I am wrong. I learn every day. I hate getting my socks wet. I melt for dark chocolate. I am a single mother, cat and hen mother too. I don’t exercise anywhere near as much as my metabolism needs me to. I want to have a retreat centre in a lush tropical forest one day, even though I get frizzy when it’s humid. I am a spiritual being doing the human thing, just like you.

So maybe you have shown signs of being a little more connected or attracted to all that is since forever and you didn’t or couldn’t read into them. Maybe that’s why you are here and my words are like a torch, shining a light on some details that will resonate. Maybe I am taking too long to get to the point, or maybe you’ll follow my words until the end of what is starting to feel like a long article. What can I say, I am wordy.

I believe having been a slow coach is where my power lies (there is hope for everyone!!). I’ve just been through a fair few motions and the light came on gradually. The good old concept of the Wounded Healer/ the Hero’s Journey is no stranger to me.

There was always a good reason to rationalize and not realize I was an energy worker, and yet, my very own secret sauce was simmering slowly, doing its thing until I was ready to look it in the eye. The whole energy work thing was so far from my realm that I didn’t even know I was swimming in it, much like a fish doesn’t know it’s in water. Maybe you are going through this exact same thing.

Some days I still catch myself by surprise because I do this every day 3D Human thing, and BAM! the spiritual side of things takes over. I promise you, being spiritual is not all Angels fluttering and singing “It’s not “no”, it’s “later”, surrender, la la leeee!” when something doesn’t go my way.  It’s more of a sudden eruption of wisdom and letting go: “Shuddup Elsa! You KNOW that if it doesn’t work out, there will be something better. And you KNOW that if you get cheesed off, the lesson is in patience and observing your own reaction.” So yes. I moan at myself a fair amount. I get triggered by internet trolls like the next person. Maybe I type a response, but I usually delete it unless I feel they need to learn from a reaction from me. And even that is ego, isn’t it? It’s not my job to fix trolls. They don’t pick up the phone and ask for a hypnosis session to help them feel enough for the first time in their life. They aren’t ready for anything else than what they’re doing. I am working on the compassion thing too… I learn every day.

We are all puzzles. We are made of little pieces and experiences. Things we accepted, things we rejected. Things that shaped us into what we are here and now. And I can tell you that adding awareness in all of this, makes it all way more fun, sensical and supportive.

Enough about me! How about you? Write to me!! Use the contact from on the connect page and tell me about you!



Elsa At Terra Luna Inti (image)

I can't wait to hear about your wins.


Creator of Emotional Mind Reset. Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) Practitioner (Hypnosis)Mindscaper®Aromatherapy Practitioner, Bach Flowers Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner, Shaman, Certified Angel Guide, Certified Sound Healer (Tuning Forks and bowls), Reiki Practitioner, Sacred Freedom Technique Practitioner, CTP, PGCE MFL. Yup. I am a bit of a Swiss Army knife... 

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