I booked a tapping session even though I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing as I had never tapped before. For three years I had pain in my shoulder and tried acupuncture, massage and chiropractor work but the pain persisted. I tried affirmations, visualization, and many, many things to release this block. My session with Elsa released that painful block in my shoulder. Elsa Farouz-Fouquet, you are an amazing healer and I thank you for bringing my child self and my teenage self back to me and healing me. I am truly grateful to you! ❤

 I am feeling love and loved!

Judy, with Emotional Mind Reset

Jazz Harpist, USA

Even after just one round of EMR tapping I felt a shift. A change. A noticeable difference. I am by nature a skeptical person. However, I also believe that there is more between Heaven and Earth, which is exactly why Elsa came into my life. 

Giving in and doing a round of EMR tapping daily has made huge impact on my day. I am calmer, more in tune with myself and the world around me, and life does not seem so scary. Sometimes I will only do EMR a couple of times a week, but doing it daily is very beneficial to me.

Elsa has a great voice; she is calm and precise. The guidance is clear to me, and it is obvious that Elsa is very knowledgeable and has a ton of experience and resources to take from. 

Whether it be EMR tapping recording, a personalized EMR recording (I definitely recommend this one), RTT, Mindscaping, etc. I can highly recommend that you do this for yourself or your loved ones.


Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Aarhus, Denmark

I had a Mindscaping session with Elsa at a key and painful moment in my life. I suffered from debilitating panic attacks, which meant I could not function in my day to day life. At that time in my life, I was on the edge of a precipice, in profound distress, asking myself how I could go on living. I didn’t know this modality and I let myself be guided.

Elsa was a benevolent guide, and full of compassion for me. She “felt” that I needed to start with this modality to let go of certain things, slowly. For me it was proof of undeniable skill, that she was listening to her patients, and in a display of patience.

Things present themselves at the right moment, you just have to let them happen.

The session was very “restful” for me, it didn’t feel like work at all, and that’s where this technique is powerful: you let things happen, you let images come up, and you allow yourself to be guided, both by Elsa and by calling upon your own internal resources.


This Mindscaping session, which happened this summer, was an important milestone: I quickly saw the effect it had. I was able to trust myself again, and to draw strength from everything that had worked itself out during the one session. I also found sleep again, and those panic attacks progressively let go of me.

Elsa takes the time to make herself available after the session.

You can go to Elsa with your eyes closed. Literally!


Therapist, Paris, France

Hi, I liked the EMR so much I fell asleep 🙂
I did sleep well for several hours….haven’t been doing that lately, so it was welcome.

Entrepreneur, Coach, Mother, Champaign, USA

Thank you Elsa for your help.
I felt relieved immediately after the session, but the most impressive thing came 36 hours later. I felt that I was physically losing that ball of fire in belly and it never came back. I followed the 21 days as you said and now I listen to my audio once or twice a week depending on what I need, and I feel immediately appeased. Thank you!


Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Mulhouse, France

So exciting! I have been totally on top of listening. I do it before I get out of bed in the mornings.

I have to tell you about last night.(…) Dad comes out and says I guess I need to ride with you. I just said ok. We get in the car and I was so mad at him. I said why do you feel the need to add fuel to the fire? I told him that this anger comes from him and the yelling he did to me as a child and that I’m trying really fucking (I dropped lots of f bombs which pissed him off) hard to keep mine under wraps to change the dynamic for my kids and that 98% of the time I have it under control and that every now and then I get triggered. I told him that when he gets angry we all shut up and don’t say anything but when I get angry it’s always this huge deal. He’s like oh so I’m a bad dad. I said no I’m not saying that. We’ve done a lot of work but it’s not ok for you to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back like that. That if I’m super emotional he should think about what would be helpful for me to get out of it. Like reminding me to breathe, or saying I understand why you’re upset, how can I help you calm down. And then I apologized for my part. 

I was on ? I am very proud of myself. With my dad I often find myself apologizing for shit that I’m not really sorry for. I said sorry, actually I’m not sorry about that, in the car several times.

Melissa (for RTT)

Shaman, Mother, Wife, Denver, USA

By the way. Hahah. I don’t know what you did but I remember (…) that people would notice me glowing… omg hahha sooooo many people like yesterday it was kind of embarrassing. Lol I need to glow less.


Headmistress, Mother, Shenzhen, China



Talking of hypnosis, I don’t know how, but every day I think about working on my (doTERRA) PIPES, it is fascinating the way it works! I have already started working on a list of daily activities I want to do every day, related to the PIPES, and that has been happening since I started listening to the audio you made for me. It is more present on my mind and whenever I decide to work, I think about it and then I take action.


Entrepreneur, Husband, Shenzhen, China

I could tick so many of the items on the list, but thanks to Elsa, she realized in the blink of an eye, there is a root cause. She held my hand to show me which dark room we would go into… I have been aware of the “title” of the problem on the wrong door and knocked at the door of different psychologists through the years, they never dared to dig so deep into my psyche. Elsa bravely went to the deepest, darkest corners through a very difficult session with ease! One of a kind in this profession!!!

During the session it was a bit of a storm, because as I said, the issue was buried too deep down and a big one. But with all the trust I have in my therapist, I tried hard to keep it going. She managed to pull me ashore and ended the storm. Immediately after, I was exhausted, but so very relieved. It was like she had cut those weights tied to my ankles that I had been trying to swim with for all these years… And I mean “all those years”, I am a middle-aged person I can say. It was such a relief. I felt the need to take naps every afternoon for a week, though I never nap. But the relief it gave me compares to NOTHING!

I felt an immediate release of long carried emotional weight. The impact has been immediate on my life though. But, I was a good student ? I listened to my recording every single day.”


Entrepreneur, Mother, Wife, Dongguan, China

Anxiety went away and I felt great, it stayed away and I feel free! I knew that was a big part of my past that stayed with me. Glad to be free of it now. I immediately I noticed a shift, there was also a gradual shift too, I’ve been more relaxed during high stress times than I was ever before. People have also noticed a change too.

I’ve had one session with Elsa and it changed my life. I used to struggle with anxiety and panic attacks that were especially present in the evening and at night before bed. After one session with Elsa, I’m living life free and empowered. Thank you Elsa for your amazing work and freedom from anxiety!


Entrepreneur, Mother, Hong Kong

My Akashic and Shamanic Healing session was the culmination of a long journey I started alone, well before meeting Elsa. I had tried various methods before, very much centred around introspection and the “mental” side of things. I could feel that I had reached the end of a cycle, that I needed to get over a step, let go of blocks, in order to reach something else. But I was very scared.

Elsa took the time to put me at ease beforehand, to speak to me, to reassure me. I am used to listening to others a lot, at last it was my turn to be listened to, in a profound way, with my vulnerabilities, and my failures, leaving the mind to the side. It is one of Elsa’s great strengths, she speaks to your heart, without cheating. She is supportive throughout the entire process while we go through it, wherever we are. Having worked with Elsa with Mindscaping, the step of the Akashic and Shamanic Healing came naturally.

This session was a deep moment of listening to myself, a little like an act of reintegration, very gentle, very harmonious. Since Elsa records everything, it’s possible to go back through the session at will, to listen to it again, to let the work find its path, to let things settle.

It is deep reconciliation work. I am still at the integration phase of this Healing, every day I find links, images that elicit a state of “better being”, appeasement, and hope.


Give yourself the gift of working with Elsa.


Therapist, Paris, France

I was skeptical, but at the same time I understand the power of the mind over everything we do. During the session, I felt very relaxed as if meditating. Immediately after I felt awareness of some possible causes of my issues–and immediate relief. A week after the session, my issues were already so much less! I was a bit surprised because while I realized my issues were related to comfort, I hadn’t connected them to family experiences. Nearly immediately I noticed improved behavior myself. What surprised me though was the audio noted people would comment on my changes, and that I would feel better in other areas as well… and that exactly happened. That definitely surprised me.

I went for RTT to attempt to correct cravings for carbohydrates. I used to have terrible cravings despite knowing that they were not good for me, especially my body type. I would often succumb to these cravings especially when I was tired or my willpower was already worn. The worst time for me was just before bed. After RTT, my entire attitude toward these types of food changed… I became indifferent to them. In addition, if I did add an occasional quinoa to my meal, I stopped beating myself up about it and creating a cycle of guilt where I would EAT MORE! Overall, I didn’t feel I needed the full 21 days, but I still use it occasionally to improve my mindset or reset my food attitude again. For the price, this is amazing. I feel like I have an eternal, personalized tool to help me with this issue at any point.

K. Shenzhen


Entrepreneur, Mother, Shenzhen, China

Elsa is very knowledgeable and takes the time to talk with you, to find out what you really need, not how much she can manage to sell you. Gifted healer. Highly recommended.

Druid, Bagnoles de l'Orne

Also I wanted to say thanks again for the mindscaping work you did before :). It really did help out a lot. I was wondering if you’d be able to do another session.


Shaman, Denver, USA

I said things out loud today that I never had the courage to say. No one ever said those things to me. It is beautiful and very sad at the same time. I need to sit with this for a while. I see why you mentioned “integration time”. 
Roman (For EMR)

IT Manager, Father, Shrewsbury, UK

THIS EMR was a great Thanksgiving gift to myself . Thank you and thank me??????

Gosh I have never yawned so big, so much and one after another ever in my life… Whatever was released was big… I was afraid my jaws might dislocate??

And at the very very end, at the underarm tap, I got a pain in my… like left tonsil… let me check what we say there…“I am free, I am lovable,I am enough… now and forever”… that hurt my throat… I needed that… That’s the throat chakra. With everything that’s going on, I am not surprised. I will do another round in the morning.


Reiki Practitioner, Mother, Istanbul

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