No one likes to spend too much and too long on change…

Do you also want to be able to transform your behavior and thought patterns while lying down or in your sleep? I know it sounds a little gimmicky, but give your subconscious mind some credit: This is where Hypnosis comes in!

How do you change your mindset without forcing yourself to go through endless affirmation recordings and mind trainings that don’t resonate with you and end up making you feel guilty?

And how about all that fake positivity and gaslighting that completely bypasses what you went through early in life, or what you are going through now? All that “Good vibes only” can make us feel more isolated and stuck than ever.

It’s quite simple: you need a more efficient approach which will work straight with your subconscious, and in turn, your reality will align with your new thought patterns.

I use a great secure platform to deliver my audio content, Soundwise. This ensures the secure delivery of some of your audios, I don’t keep anything on my local machine, and you can listen whenever is appropriate for you.

I am trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy, Mindscaping and so I know a thing or two about the mind… Click on the dōHYPNO page , Mindscaping page, or the Rapid Transformational Therapy page (RTT for short), in the main menu.

Mike Mandel Method

Marisa Peer Method
How does Hypnosis work if we aren't having an in-person session?

Hypnosis only requires you to be immobile, safe, comfortable, close your eyes and follow my voice. When you think about it, it’s exactly what you will be doing: we will work on the premise that you have a good quality headset, that you are in a safe, quiet place and that you will be able to close your eyes, go within and follow my voice. No machinery and no strangling yourself with cables when you listen later, please...

Will you bore me out of my mind, at which point I will get into Hypnosis?

That is a VERY valid question and the answer is no, I will not bore you by asking you to visualise a beach, watch a flag going slowly up a pole ZZZZzzzzzzzz. No.

When I became a Hypnotist, I chose my method very carefully because I had unpleasant experiences of being so bored out of my skull while listening to a hypnotist. I would actually get into a frustrated trance with tense a neck and upper back, and then come out annoyed because I had 15 minutes of chit-chat, 30 minutes of visualization and only 15 minutes of actual work.

Then there are the dodgy metaphors that make you snap right out of Hypnosis, like when I was sent to the Moon to look at my issue, told to get out of my rocket to take it all in… and then came the “And you can feeeeeel the saaaaaand through your toooooes”. "What?? Errr NO. I’m in a rocket, on the Moon, I am in full gear, I have my Moon boots on, thank you very much, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?". I won’t do that to you, because if I did, your subconscious mind would check out like mine did, in a full-on huff, and rightfully so!

Why 21 days?

Because that’s the average time it takes to form a new habit, sit you comfortably in a new pattern, and limit the possibility of old habits coming back. You can always listen again (in fact, I recommend it), because you can have an off day, a day where something external is shaking you in your boots a little, and let's not forget menstruation for the ladies... 

What if I interrupt my 21 days?

Ideally, stick to the 21 days. But if something major happens, just get back on your daily listening routine. You’ll feel it if you start getting wobbly and need to listen some more anyway, even after the 21 days. I will actually build in your audio some suggestions that will make you feel like listening to it regularly, and so it will be rather effortless and very reassuring.

Why do I seem to "hear" different things on different days?

It’s interesting, isn’t it? That’s just your brilliant mind sorting through things and highlighting different sections on different days. Let your mind do the hard work. You have done enough. Get comfy, get listening, and trust the results will manifest when you get back into your awakened state.

Why should I go to you online and not a physical space?

Well, for starters, we are most probably in different countries and in this days and age, that should not be a barrier to your benefiting from my experience and talents. Then there is the fact that you get to listen as many times as you need. It’s not one of those one-hit-wonder hypnosis sessions which, let’s face it, are usually hit-and-miss because the subconscious needs us to put a bit more effort into making it change “its mind”. The mind needs repetition. A lot of it.

What I do is deep reprogramming of your beliefs, and you will find yourself saying and feeling the things I describe in your audio… because you and have have decided how you want to feel. It's more about what you want to move towards, than what you want to move away from. For example, if you have a fear of dogs, what we want is you to be indifferent, unphased by dogs, rather than loving them all of a sudden. Because that would feel weird, wouldn't it?

Also, RTT sessions can be very draining. I will not do more than two per day at the most. By having you at home, I know that you are in your safe space and that you do not need to drive, or use public transport afterwards. It could be that you will need a nap, a bath or some other form of self care. Sometimes people have rather funky bowel movements afterwards. Although it is not always the most pleasant experience, we say “Thank you, thank you” to the shifts, and keep you in a place where you can deal with that at home. (It is rare, but then if it does happen to you, I would rather you were not stuck at the office or in traffic… )

A lot of people listen beyond the 21 days just because being under hypnosis is a lovely feeling, and my recordings always make you feel good. It’s all good!

What if I fall asleep as I listen?

Let us assume you won’t listen to your Hypnosis MP3 while operating machinery, ok? It is very natural to fall asleep during hypnosis. It still works, because your brain is still absorbing what is being said, and sometimes it actually helps if you need to get over some initial resistance. I am a pro at falling asleep in hypnosis, purely because it is so relaxing, and I still reap all the benefits. It can feel frustrating when you want to start your day with your Hypnosis MP3 and fall asleep, much like falling asleep during a hot stone massage, but with Hypnosis, you still get the results! You can always go for another round if you have the time, or use it as a sleeping aid!!

How long is my Hypnosis MP3 going to be? I need to fit it in my schedule.

I do my best to stick to the 30 minute mark, less if I can. We are all busy doing Life, aren’t we? I need to pack in enough of the good mindset and heartset “food” in there so your subconscious mind has plenty to munch on when you go about your life. It is a bit of a balancing act.

You can listen to your audio at any time during the day (provided you are safe etc, you know, disclaimer). In the conclusion, I invite you to either go to sleep, or go about your day. So your mind will typically make the choice that works for you if you go in with the intention of either going to sleep or getting up feeling fully awake afterwards. Obviously, when it comes to fitting it in a busy schedule, going to bed with your Hypnosis MP3 means if doesn't add to your day. Bonus!

I am worried about going under Hypnosis, I mean, I don't know you. Could you do something funky to me?

Again, another very valid point. Hypnosis is a natural state you get in roughly every 45 minutes. It can even happen when you are driving. When you get in front of your home, you aren’t too sure how you got there and you are glad you didn’t get into an accident. Your motor skills were still working, you were just deep in. Had there been a danger, your subconscious would have snapped you out of your trance, and you would have been able to react. Your subconscious is your guardian. It can get its knickers in a twist and uphold limiting beliefs alright, but its mission is to keep you safe.

So no, I won’t do anything funky, even if I wanted to -and I wouldn’t be a very good healer if I did want to pull a funky on anyone- and you have your subconscious always turned on. If in the middle of a two hour Rapid Transformational Therapy session my client tells me they need the loo, we just interrupt the session and go back into Hypnosis afterwards. Do you remember what I wrote about my checking out on the Moon? Same thing.

Stage Hypnosis and various movies give Hypnosis a bad name. If someone attends a Stage Hypnosis event, their subconscious is already open to the idea of clucking like a chicken, and so if they go a step further by agreeing to go on stage, they are already open and compliant. It is then down to the performer to display their skills for the amusement of all, with the help of the powerful minds of the people who joined them on stage.

I offer a free Hypnotic recording on the Free Hypnosis page. Go try it. You could decide to skip the induction, and not follow the instructions so you can “stay awake” and listen to every word, just to ease your mind.

Elsa At Terra Luna Inti (image)

I can't wait to hear about your wins.


Creator of Emotional Mind Reset. Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT) Practitioner (Hypnosis)Mindscaper®Aromatherapy Practitioner, Bach Flowers Practitioner, Access Consciousness Bars® Practitioner, Shaman, Certified Angel Guide, Certified Sound Healer (Tuning Forks and bowls), Reiki Practitioner, Sacred Freedom Technique Practitioner, CTP, PGCE MFL. Yup. I am a bit of a Swiss Army knife... 


None of the modalities on this site are a substitute for professional psychological visits with a medical team, or a reason to stop any medication.

For safety purposes, only people with sound physical and mental health who are confident that a deep dive into their emotions will not adversely impact their emotional or mental health, should participate.

I request that you do not participate if you or your treating practitioners have any past or existing concerns about your health. This includes epilepsy, psychosis and narcissistic tendencies.

You must confirm with the medical team in charge of your mental and emotional health at least. 

Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site.


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