Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Anyone? I didn’t think so…

Free is my favorite price. It’s also one of my favorite F words. Frankincense being another one of them…

I also like deep discounts! Don’t you?

Why do I give away free things and why do I promote other people’s free or deeply discounted goodies?

Well because why not? Kindness is free, so that’s one reason.

Also because I spent a long time trying to not get hit financially while working at becoming a better version of myself and setting up Terra Luna Inti, and sometimes that was made possible by people being nice and offering free products. It’s only fair to pay it forward.

So on this page I will be promoting free products and resources from myself or people I trust, and I encourage you to turn over to the relevant Free section for FREE Hypnosis, Meditation and Emotional Mind Reset recordings.

Happy Freeshopping!

If like me you need more efficiency and less admin so you can work in your strengths, then check out this tool I highly recommend:

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