Everything you need to know about Essential Oil Diffusers


Using an essential oil diffuser is an easy, convenient, and mess-free way to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils. Want to fill your home with the aroma of essential oils? Try an essential oil diffuser. Need to fill your workspace or office with uplifting, energizing aromas? Try an essential oil diffuser. Looking for help creating a calm environment to help your kids fall asleep? Try an essential oil diffuser.

1- Types of diffusers

There are four types of diffusers

a. Nebulizing diffusers

b. Ultrasonic diffusers

c. Heat diffusers

d. Evaporative diffusers. 

Each diffuser has its own unique method of getting essential oils into the air so you can experience the benefits of aromatherapy. But how do you decide which one will work best for you? To help you determine which to choose, we’ve broken down how each diffuser works and listed some pros and cons for each.

a. Nebulizing diffusers:

A nebulizing diffuser breaks down the essential oil into tiny particles through the use of a high velocity, pressurized air stream and jet nozzle and does not use water or heat.

When the oil is released from the diffuser, it goes into the air in an ultra-fine mist. The fine mist created by the nebulizing diffuser does not alter the chemical composition or the scent of essential oils. It diffuses the entire oil at once instead of in stages, whereas some other diffusers release the lighter chemical components of an essential oil first and the heavier components later.

With a nebulizing essential oil diffuser, the particle size is also small enough to be easily inhaled and used for aromatherapy.

Pros: Nebulizers use no heat or water, yet disperse the entire oil into the air for optimal aromatherapy. 

Cons: Because nebulizing diffusers use only the essential oil (no other substance such as water or heat to assist in diffusing), they use much more oil than other diffusers. This makes nebulizers a more expensive type of diffuser to use, and it can also be more expensive to purchase than other diffusers. Additionally, some models of nebulizing oil diffusers are noisy in comparison to other diffusers.

Personal note: I witnessed with horror an entire bottle of the respiratory blend get emptied in one night, in my daughter’s room. Not only was she exposed to more oils than planned (she’s just fine, don’t worry), but my budget was badly chewed!

b. Ultrasonic diffuser:

This popular type of diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies to create a fine mist from the essential oil and water. Ultrasonic vibrations are created by a small disk under the surface of the water which causes the essential oil to break up into tiny micro particles.

Pros: Ultrasonic models only use a small amount of essential oil, and no heat is used to generate the mist in an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. This method can also act as both a diffuser and a humidifier, a helpful feature if you live in a drier climate. There is very little to no noise associated with ultrasonic diffusers, making them perfect for nighttime use.

Cons: Only a small fraction of the mist is essential oil, and the ultrasonic diffuser mist depends upon the air current of the room to disperse the essential oil. If you already live in a more humid place, you may not want to use a diffuser that adds more moisture to the air.

Personal note: I only have ultrasonic diffusers at home and at my practice. I started with a high performing diffuser I can advise you about (or you can go in your account and get whichever takes your fancy) , but as long as I didn’t have the budget for only those in every room, I purchased this one and recommended it to customers; here is my Amazon link for it: https://amzn.to/3woK8fp

c. Heat diffusers:

As the name suggests, heat diffusers use heat elements to help drops of essential oils on a gently heated plate gradually evaporate into the air.

Sometimes heat essential oil diffusers use oil mixed with water, but many use heat as the only medium. Some heat diffusers use very high levels of heat to cause a stronger aroma, however the best heat diffusers use very low heat to avoid drastically changing the chemical constituents of the oils being diffused.

Pros: Diffusing with heat is an economical, efficient, and silent way to spread the aroma of an essential oil throughout the room.

Cons: Using heat can change the properties of essential oils at a molecular level. This means that the aromatic benefit of an oil may lessen or change entirely.

Personal note: Yuck. One simply doesn’t heat an oil if it can be avoided.

d. Evaporative diffusers:

Evaporative diffusion uses airflow to spread the aroma of essential oils into an area. A fan blows air through a filter, such as a tissue or a pad, that is lightly saturated with essential oils.

The aggravated air causes the oil to evaporate quickly, and the air with the evaporated oil is blown into and around the room.

Pros: Wind-blown diffusion is a quiet way to quickly spread an essential oil’s aroma throughout the room.

Cons: When you use an evaporative essential oil diffuser, the essential oil diffuses segments; the lighter essential oil components evaporate first, while the heavier components evaporate last. Because every component of the oil is not diffused at the same time, this diffuser is not ideal for aromatherapy. 

Personal note: Yes, you just read it: they are not ideal for true aromatherapy. And the fans can be noisy… E

Regardless of the essential oil diffuser you choose, the aromas of essential oils have immense potential to influence you and your environment for the better. In the end, each of these methods of diffusing will help you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in any space.


2- Guide to cleaning your diffuser:

Regardless of the type of diffuser you have, learning how to clean your diffuser is important to ensure its longevity. If left uncleaned for too long, essential oils or any leftover water can corrode and ruin your unit.

This can also negatively affect your aromatic experience. If there’s an array of essential oil residue in the diffuser, aromas muddy together and mingle in a sometimes unpleasant way.

To keep your diffuser in perfect running condition for years to come, clean your diffuser after each use by wiping it out and letting it dry before using it again.

For a quick clean, it is a good idea to diffuse Lemon oil for a short time. This makes it easier to clean out any residue or water lines before you wipe it out.

For diffusers that do not use water, make sure to rinse out the nozzle with tap water and then wipe it clean. 

I also recommend that you deep clean your diffusers once a month or as needed. Do so by following these steps based on the type of diffuser you have. 

Ultrasonic Diffuser :

  1. Turn off your diffuser.
  2. Fill the water reservoir halfway to the line with clean water.
  3. Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar to the water reservoir.
  4. Turn it on and let run for 3-5 minutes, allowing the vinegar to disperse throughout. 
  5. Drain the water reservoir completely. 
  6. Dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and wipe down the edges of the water reservoir as well as the ultrasonic mist chip. 
  7. Rinse the water reservoir with clean. 
  8. Wipe the reservoir with a dry cloth and let air dry before using it again. 

Nebulizing Diffuser:

  1. Turn off your diffuser.
  2. Completely submerge the quick-change top in rubbing alcohol for 30-60 minutes.
  3. Wipe clean with a dry cloth. 

Heat Diffuser:

  1. Turn off your diffuser and allow to cool. 
  2. Lightly dampen a rag and wipe down the heat plate. 
  3. Allow to completely dry before adding more essential oil. 

Evaporative Diffuser:

  1. Turn off your diffuser.
  2. Remove the pad or filter
  3. Dampen a microfiber cloth and gently dust the fan blades. 

Personal note:

Imagine diffusing Spikenard after Basil oil. Ooooh no… Also, flies seem to like making their way into a diffuser once in a while. I am sure you don’t fancy diffusing fly residue..


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Ever since I can remember, my sense of smell was like a curse. I felt every smell intensely. Some made me mad, some made me unwell in an instant. From a young age, you wouldn’t catch me dead walking through the perfume section of a department store, or walk into a perfumery…

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I am in contact with another wellness Advocate already, what do I do?

If you are already working with a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, I ask that you go to this person who introduced the oils to you. It is a question of ethics for me. One should go where the best relationship lies. I can support you on Facebook too anyway.

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If you are in a situation where you are free to change teams or wish to reactivate your account after not having ordered for six full months, then I will be able to help you sort that out for you.

Ethically, it is important that your first point of contact be your original person, but I understand that sometimes it is best for everyone to have a change of scenery. There has to be a 6 months window with no order. 

If you simply wish to reactivate, then in this case it is possible. Just get in touch and we can chat. In the grand scheme of things what matters is that you use dōTERRA rather than synthetic chemicals. 

Do oils come up in your other work?

As you probably know, I am an Energy Healer, and many a time, while performing Akashic and Shamanic Healings, I have been called to ask clients to apply specific oils to specific places on their body. This greatly enhances their energetic healing sessions… and I can’t say it doesn’t amaze me every time!!

Also, I have a healing practice where I consult in various ways, i.e. Hypnosis, Mindscpaing, Emotional Mind Reset, Bach Flowers etc, whether online or in person, and yes, oils keep coming up, because they are so amazing!

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I can't wait to hear about your wins.


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